An AutoTURN Revolution in Europe



In the late 1990s, the spread of the internet caused a leap in accessibility and the ability to share information and businesses around the globe. As it turned out, the European market was ready for a CAD-based software program that made their jobs easier. With the help of the newly established re-sellers, it didn’t take long for the first European Road administrations and engineering firms to have AutoTURN on their radar.

“Although swept path technology was certainly not new to the European market, our solution was the industry’s first fully integrated CAD solution to make vehicle clearance checks easier than ever,” said Yorick Keeven, Sales Account Manager for the Rotterdam office. “It proved to be a perfect fit for a continent where most of the engineers needed to design and plan road infrastructure in dense urban environments.”

Yorick joined Transoft in 2003 as a marketing employee, assigned to build a mailing database. As with any small operation, the team did everything - some administration work and even watered the office plants. He moved up quickly and transitioned into a sales role within a few years.

There were two other major reasons for setting up shop on Europe's mainland and the Netherlands in particular.  The first was the lack of direct competitors, or at least the European competitive products were not operating seamlessly in CAD. The second was Transoft was thinking big and prepared to go after what was a larger market in mainland Europe versus a more highly competitive situation in the UK. And finally, Milton recognized the Netherlands as having diligent, multilingual resources that could help Transoft enter deep into the European, African and Middle East markets. Milton was thinking ahead to future markets to build sales and achieve continuous revenue growth - to fuel further R&D and sustain the company's future beyond the near term.  

During the intervening years Transoft’s distant resellers were making market inroads with ease and this was encouraging - customers included Disney Paris, major consultants, tons of state and national government agencies and numerous others.  At the start, it was the launch of our language versions (French and German) that spurred the penetration. 

With AutoTURN as a cornerstone, the Rotterdam Transoft office built a dedicated sales staff along with a strong network of clients and re-sellers in France, Germany, the UK and many others.  “In a time span of 10 years we managed to gain a firm foothold in the European markets and now in many countries we are considered the de facto standard in vehicle swept path analysis software,” said Yorick.

The expansion into the Rotterdam office in 2001 coincided with the most robust version of AutoTURN to that point in the company’s history, AutoTURN 4.0 with SmartPath simulation tools, that made the software all the more powerful and user friendly.

“That version of AutoTURN represented a major advancement over our competitor,” said Noel Dolotallas. “The new features really set Transoft apart and revolutionized the transportation engineering market by helping planners dynamically visualize vehicles along arcs and corner paths for the first time. It was another major step in the revolution away from manual turning templates or following a predefined path approach. It was a perfect example of innovation disruption; a rudimentary technology existed before us and Milton and his partner saw an opportunity and created an elegant solution. He knew there was a better way. AutoTURN 4.0 was that kind of departure,” he continued.

“Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome.” - Booker T. Washington

With an office in Rotterdam fully operational by the end of 2001, Transoft Solutions had overcome several obstacles and the company had set itself up for success in Europe for years to come.

AutoTURN practically sold itself in the early days, but soon after the Australian office got going, Transoft added key members to its sales team. See how Transoft began growing by leaps and bounds in the next installment below: