A Generosity of Spirit

Where does the idea for an innovative software company come from? Some entrepreneurs have the ‘a-ha’ moment where a brilliant idea comes from nowhere. In the case of Transoft Solutions co-founder, President and CEO Milton Carrasco, it happened when he was twelve years old and manifested itself in his drive to follow in his mother’s footsteps. The rest, as the saying goes, is history.

As a pre-teen, Milton went through a difficult time when his father passed away. His family could at best be described as lower middle class, owning no property, no vehicle nor a television.  His father had retired a few years prior and his mother knew that the family income would not make ends meet.  So she started a small tailoring business to support the younger five of Milton’s eight siblings.

Milton’s mother had built a successful seamstress business within a few years by sewing for dignitaries, including Uganda’s first President’s wife, Miria Obote, and later, even the notorious Idi Amin’s wives. Milton was inspired by the way she worked. The drive to leave poverty behind forever was an important factor in Milton wanting to be an entrepreneur like his mother.   

What was most interesting was that despite the fact that we had little to spend on extras, I can only recall my youth as being one of total bliss – the happiest and most fun part of my early life – without a doubt,” remembered Milton. “This despite the fact that all of my friends were so much better off financially.

“As I watched my mother grow her business, I also noticed three things: first, how hard she worked – 12 hour days, six days a week were the norm; second, how well she treated her staff and third, her generosity towards others. I vowed that if I ever had a company of my own, it would be filled with the same characteristics and positive emotions that my mother left me with,” reflected Milton. “Her generosity is something that I try to emulate today at Transoft.

Milton was looking for ways to work for himself, even before starting Transoft Solutions.  He wanted to do something unique; he couldn’t stand being a copycat entrepreneur. Going back to his entrepreneurial roots, he once studied a business opportunity that involved importing tropical fruits like mangos and passion fruit to Calgary, to create a chain of fresh tropical fruit and juice stands in shopping malls.  While this is a fairly common occurrence today, it was unheard of back in the early 1980s. “Looking back, I would have been years ahead of my time if I had stuck with that idea,” said Milton, smiling.

The spirit of innovation and generosity that was part of Milton’s business ethic 20 years ago is still present within Transoft Solutions today. What are those key characteristics and traits that make for a successful entrepreneur? Why does innovation play such an important part of the history and future of Transoft? Read about it in the next installment of Our Story in the link below.